My Mom

My greatest joy and hardest job is being a mom. I have loved every minute of it, at least in hindsight;) I was raised and am still adored by my wonderful mom, Rosemary. She is truly my biggest fan and supporter. It is so nice going through life with someone loving you, supporting you and believing in you 110%. I can truly say that my mother has never once criticized me and that is a wonderful way to go through life. From what I hear and from what I do, that is an amazing feat for a mother. Life without criticism from those you love is a wonderful way to live. I hope I can try to be that way more and more as my children continue their young adult lives and beyond. I am blessed to be loved and adored by Rosemary, the most wonderful mother I call Mom.

Happy Mother's Day to all!

My mother, Rosemary and her mother (my Mimi) Mary

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